Sam Goldman wins 2014 Charles Bronfman Award

d.light’s co-founder Sam becomes the youngest person, and first Canadian, to win the prestigious Charles Bronfman Award.

Zayed Future of Energy Prize

In 2013, d.light was honored with the Zayed Future of Energy Prize, the largest renewable energy prize in the world.

Myanmar Youth Studies with d.light

Our partners in Myanmar describe how one schoolgirl has increased her study time and improved her grades with light from d.light's S2 solar lantern.

Product Videos

The Quality Solar Lantern for Everyone: A1

The A1 solar lantern provides light for the whole family at an accessible price.

The Learning Light: S2

The S2 solar lantern is a study companion for children all over the world, and makes for a portable, durable task light that anyone can use.

The Family Lantern: S20

The S20 offers a multipurpose, portable solar lantern that everyone in the family can share.

Mobile Charging + Light: S300

The S300 is a versatile, solar lantern that keeps you connected all day, while providing clean, bright light.

Grid-Like Power System: D20

The D20 solar home system is a modern energy solution for your home and business.

Durability Tests

Putting d.light products to the test in Myanmar

Proximity Designs puts d.light products through multiple durability tests: running over the S2 with a motorcycle, putting the S20 in water, and dropping the S300 from a tree.

d.light Portable Lanterns—Durability Testing

The d.light team puts our products to the test: dropping them from a window, stepping on and kicking them, leaving them out in the rain, and even running over them with a car.

d.light Drop Test

This drop test was done in rural India with the S200, an early version of the S300 solar lantern.