When d.light first began, our goal was to provide the best solar-powered products for base-of-the-pyramid families who have limited incomes and reside in off-grid areas. As d.light recognizes our tenth anniversary, we’re asking for your help in giving at least 10,000 solar lanterns to the population in greatest need today: refugee families living in camps.


The Scale of Refugee Need 

More than 71 million men, women, and children are displaced today, the largest number of refugees ever seen in human history.

Greece has served as a primary gateway for Syrian refugees wishing to reach Europe, with about 62,000 currently stranded there for one or more years. Northern Uganda, still recovering from the country’s twenty-year civil war, has seen a flood of South Sudanese refugees—as many as 800,000, according to the UN-- since July 2016.


How You Can Help

Our goal is to send at least 10,000 S2s to Syrian refugees in Greece and South Sudanese refugees in Uganda.

A donation of as little as US$5 will provide life-changing light to a refugee family, increasing their health, safety, productivity, and educational prospects. Nighttime incidents of violence, assault, cooking injuries, and snake bites are common in refugee camps; a bright, solar-powered lantern will significantly improve their daily living conditions.

To give, go to: https://www.cgvus.org/donate/. Be sure to write “solar lights” in the Notes section


We are pleased to partner with international NGO Crossroads Foundation, which connects people in need with people in a position to help, including distributing goods around the globe. Our local partner in Greece is Emergency Response Centre International; in northern Uganda, NGO Salt and Light will assist with distribution.