S500 Overview

The d.light S500 solar-powered lantern ensures that your mobile battery never runs out, while also illuminating your home or business. The USB-enabled lantern comes with mobile phone battery chargers­. The unique, angled lens of the S500 reflects light at a wide angle, allowing it to light up an entire room. The sturdy, rugged design of the S500 ensures that you have a fully charged mobile, whenever you need it.


  • Battery: 4-100 hours of light per full charge
  • Brightness: 20x brighter than kerosene
  • Solar Panel: Separate solar panel
  • Portability: Comfortable handle
  • Charger: Charges mobile devices

Product Highlights

Keeping you connected: The d.light S500 is simple and easy to use. Just plug the solar panel into the lantern, charge the unit during the day, and connect your mobile. Save money and time with the S500.

Customize your light: The S500 provides four different brightness settings, from our "Bedlight" to "High", to suit your need. Whether it is working at night or simply socializing, the S500 is a constant companion.

Power saver mode: The S500 automatically adjusts light brightness at low battery to extend light runtime by up to two additional hours.

Mobile charging: The S500 comes with an in-built USB port capable of charging mobile phones.

S500 Specs

  • Light and mobile charging in one device
  • Dual charging solar & AC (through Nokia standard charger)
  • Battery level indicator 
  • Four brightness settings (Bedlight-Low-Medium-High)
  • Power Saver Mode for an additional two hours of light
  • 60,000-hour life LED
  • Rugged high efficiency solar panel
  • Weather resistant
  • Mobile charging adapters included
  • Lifetime over 5 years 
  • Maintenance-free
  • Country certifications for East & West Africa (SONCAP, PVoC)
  • Meets Lighting Global quality standards

S500 In the Box

S500 for in the box_.jpg

The d.light S500 comes with:

  1. LED light with four settings
  2. Sturdy solar panel
  3. Comfortable handle
  4. Battery indicator
  5. USB port for mobile charging
  6. Mobile charging cable
  7. Mobile charging adapters

S500 Uses

S500 200.png

The d.light S500 ensures that you are always connected wherever you are. The solar lamp's unique shape allows it to be propped on the floor, angled sideways, or hung from overhead. The range of settings provides bright, clean light for your home or business, and you can also charge your mobile phone.

The d.light S500 is perfect for:

  • Charging your mobile devices and other small, USB-powered devices
  • Illuminating your home or an outdoor area—studying, cooking, sewing, harvesting, walking at night, camping.
  • Lighting a shop or store, allowing you to keep your business open longer and help customers see your products better
  • Preventing accidents and injuries by using the “bedlight” setting to provide constant light all through the night
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Two-Year Warranty

d.light stands behind our quality solar products and systems. This product is protected by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers product failure from normal use, including the battery, two years from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if the product has been tampered with, opened, repaired, modified, submersed in water, abused, or if damage results from events including but not limited to flood, storm, wind or other natural disasters. The warranty does not cover the gradual reduction in product brightness and hours of light caused by regular use of the battery, LED, and solar panel over time. 

Mobile charging cable and adapters are not covered under warranty.