S20 Overview

The d.light S20 solar lantern is built for the whole family to enjoy together. The S20’s unique conical shape reflects light into every corner of a room. Whether lighting up your home or providing light when walking at night, the S20 provides an affordable, portable lighting solution. A bright LED solar lamp with dual lighting settings provides four hours of light on the higher setting and eight hours of light on the lower setting. The rugged, durable design protects your product, even if it falls, drops, or is left out in light rain. Brighten up your home with the d.light S20. 


  • Battery: 4–8 hours of light per full charge
  • Brightness: 3x brighter than kerosene
  • Solar Panel: Integrated solar panel
  • Portability: Adjustable handle & stand

Product Highlights

Money-Saving Solution: The high-efficiency, integrated solar panel enables the d.light S20 to charge even on cloudy days, creating night after night of solar-powered illumination. Free solar energy means saving on energy-related expenses for your family.

Flexible Design: Take the d.light S20 with you, wherever you go. The metal hanging handle allows it to be carried inside or outside and also easily hung from a wall or a hook. The angled top of the d.light S20 allows it to be placed upside down, diffusing and spreading even more light.

S20 Specs

  • Smart LED indicator for solar charge intensity
  • Dual charging solar & AC (through Nokia standard charger)
  • Multiple-setting handle allows flexible usage
  • Two brightness settings (Standard and High)
  • High-efficiency integrated solar panel
  • Glow-in-the-dark button
  • Weather resistant for sun and rain
  • 60,000-hour life LED
  • Lifetime well over 5 years (inclusive of battery)
  • Maintenance-free
  • Country certifications for East & West Africa (SONCAP, PVoC)
  • Meets Lighting Global quality standards

S20 In the Box

S20 set

The d.light S20 features:

  1. LED light
  2. Integrated solar panel
  3. Metal hanging handle
  4. Glow-in-the-dark on/off button

S20 Uses

Young girl with S20

The d.light S20 solar lantern is a way to light up your home without kerosene or candles. The S20 helps customers study, read, cook and work at night. With its sturdy design, the d.light S20 can be used daily and provides safe, bright light—a product that is built to last. The S20 solar light can be set on a table or on the floor, placed upside down, hung from a wall, and used at home or outdoors.

Our customers find the S20 perfect for:

  • Reading 
  • Studying
  • Cooking
  • Working
  • Moving indoors and outdoors
  • Lighting up a shop or stall

S20 Reviews

Do you already own the d.light S20? d.light values customer feedback and we encourage you to share your experience with our products. Post your d.light S20 review below.

“Designed as a replacement for hazardous and costly kerosene lanterns in the developing world, the d.light S20 Solar LED Area Lantern is both inexpensive and durable. Charged by a solar panel mounted on the top of the lantern, the light flicks on with the push of a glow-in-the-dark button.”
Sean McCoy, June 2, 2014

“The S20 solar lantern is the follow-up to the much loved S10, a low-cost, everyday light source currently used all over the developing world. Great design features include the glow-in-the-dark button, a battery charge indicator, and the ability to charge from the wall or solar energy. (It needs eight hours of sun for a full charge.)”
Bob Parks, February 14, 2013

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Two-Year Warranty

d.light stands behind our quality solar products and systems. This product is protected by a two-year warranty from the date of purchase.

What does the warranty cover?
The warranty covers product failure from normal use, including the battery, two years from the date of purchase. The warranty is void if the product has been tampered with, opened, repaired, modified, submersed in water, abused, or if damage results from events including but not limited to flood, storm, wind or other natural disasters. The warranty does not cover the gradual reduction in product brightness and hours of light caused by regular use of the battery, LED, and solar panel over time.

How do I receive my replacement product?
Contact the point of purchase to receive your replacement product. Every product comes with a warranty card that is stamped and dated by the retailer at the time of purchase. If the product fails during normal use under the two-year warranty period, a replacement unit will be provided.