d.light PB20

Experience power,
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The d.light PB20 Pro 20000 mAh 10W fast charging power bank offers superior design and powerful performance. Designed using high-density polymer battery cells, the PB20 Pro comes with higher battery capacity making it ideal for the powerful smartphone users.
  • Heavy duty power bank
    For heavy duty users
  • Fast charging for longer backup
    10W lithium cell battery
  • Smart protection from short circuit
    A+ grade battery
  • Smart charge detection
    Automatically detects connection and disconnection
  • Battery status indicator
    Charge your devices with ease


Unleash the power of the d.light PB20 Pro so that low charge never gets in the way of you pursuing your goals

Fast Charging

High performance 20000 mAh power bank comes with 10W fast charging feature to help you charge more in less time without damaging your device’s battery


The d.light PB20 Pro will take care of your devices while giving you the freedom to focus on your work, and comes with A+ grade battery which provides your devices complete protection from any surge or short circuit in grid connected electricity.


The d.light PB20 Pro power bank is made of high density polymer battery cells giving durability, its lightweight design as well as the power to store more charge to provide you with better performance and protection from discharging and overcharging.
In the Box

PB20 In the Box

The d.light PB20 includes:

PB20 Specs

The d.light PB20 is:
  • 20000 mAh capacity
  • Micro & type C charging ports
  • Simultaneous charging of devices: 2 USB ports
  • Size: 163 x 81 x 23 mm
  • Weight: 446 g

PB20 Uses

The d.light PB20 Pro allows you to charge it using a type C input or micro-USB input while 2 USB ports gives you freedom to charge two devices together.
A high-performance and reliable power bank for:
  • Working
  • Socializing
  • Charging

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