d.light SF20

Customized Comfort,
Powered by the Sun



The d.light SF20 solar fan allows you to keep cool during warm days and nights, increasing your ability to be productive and sleep. For those living off the grid, there now exists an option to maintain your level of comfort with the SF20.
  • Multi-speed
    6 +/- Speed Settings
  • Solar Panel
    Efficient panel for faster charging
  • Battery
    Up to 8 hours per full charge
  • Wide Angle
    Oscillation to cover the entire room

Beat the heat

Finally, your household can feel cool with SF20, even during a long summer day. Wide angle oscillation means that you can cool an entire room to improve productivity, increase children's comfort for studying, and allow better sleep for everyone.

Protect against mosquitoes and disease

The SF20 can help to keep you protected from mosquitoes and other flying insects, which can spread illnesses such as malaria and yellow fever.
In the Box

SF20 In the Box

The d.light SF20 includes:

SF20 Specs

The d.light SF20 is:
  • 14" Cage
  • 16W Solar Panel
  • 6 +/- Speed Settings
  • 1300 RPM (on highest setting)
  • Up to 8 hours runtime
  • Built-in LED light

SF20 Uses

The d.light SF20 solar fan can be placed on a table and used outdoors in order to keep a cool temperature and protect against mosquitoes and other insects.

Customers find the d.light SF20 perfect for:
  • Working
  • Socializing
  • Sleeping
  • Cooking

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