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Benefits of Off-Grid Solar System [Infographic]

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar System [Infographic]

Renewable solar is a well-known energy source as more people grow more appreciative of its sustainability and price.

Solar energy derives from the sun’s radiation, absorbed and generated by the solar panels. When switching to solar power, consumers can choose between a grid-tied or an off-grid solar system. Grid-tied is common among solar system owners as they can rely on the power grid along with the rest of the city while an off the grid solar system means users are independent at providing power to their home.

Compared to a grid-tied system, this type of solar power relies on batteries to store the electricity harnessed by the solar panels.

While being off the electrical grid can be intimidating, many homeowners should take advantage of its benefits.

Avoid Power Outages

Power outages can occur without any warning. Losing electricity means living without lighting which can be an inconvenience short-term and incredibly stressful in the long-term.

Often, a power outage will be over as soon as it begins, but sometimes the loss of electricity can extend longer. At times, it can happen for a day or even weeks depending on the cause of the outages and the length of time it takes to restore service.

The loss of power varies from storms, freezing rain, sleet storms and high winds which can damage power lines and equipment. Cold snaps or heat waves cause high demand which leads to overloading the electric cables, transformers, and other tech that eventually fail.

Off-grid solar energy systems are reliable for outage situations as these systems store energy and always ready for potential disasters. A home with an off-grid solar power system can prolong having to experience blackouts amid any potential accidents.

Reduced electricity costs

Fossil fuels are still the world’s primary energy source. Among these are petroleum, coal, natural gas, and oil. As these finite resources deplete, their prices rise along with the cost to produce it which in turn increase consumers’ electric bills.

One of the great incentives of solar is that you’ll be able to save money in the long run. While the initial cost of purchasing an off-grid solar energy system is relatively high, a user is paying for the equipment such as solar panels, inverters, batteries, wiring. Thankfully, the low monthly rates make up for it.

Off-grid relies upon the sun to provide the power needed because it costs nothing in monthly electric bills. The inception and popularity of LED fixtures reduce the need for paying for maintenance because it only requires changing the battery.

Easier Installation

The equipment for solar systems has been falling gradually for the past decade, but the cost for an off-grid solar setup continues to rise steadily. Many people decide to hire a professional because of the seemingly complicated process. However, these systems are not at all intricate.

A homeowner with a set of tools can install it on their own, which can help reduce the overall system cost substantially. Off-grid solar-powered systems invests anywhere compared to the traditional grid power where lines constrict to using existing poles and infrastructure or complete costly trenching to put the energy where it’s necessary.

Easy Alternative for Rural Areas

Electricity is one of the most significant problems of residents of rural and remote areas as these areas are prone to blackouts.

Since rural and remote areas have fewer infrastructures, connecting to the main electrical grid can be a challenge and incredibly costly but off-grid solar energy systems offset this significant role.

People who live in areas away from the main grid can save money through off-grid systems. These systems make it so users don’t have to pay extra to connect to anything. It gives people the freedom to live anywhere while being able to produce and control power.

Keeping the Environment Clean and Green

Burning fossil fuels don’t just produce energy but drive the current global warming crisis as well. Since it produces large quantities of carbon dioxide when burned which traps heat in the atmosphere and lead to climate change.

Compared with fossil fuel technologies, renewable energy sources such as off-grid solar powered systems minimizes carbon footprint that keeps the air and environment clean. Nature needs all the help it can get which is why many people decided to switch to solar.

Using off-grid technology would be helping provide electricity will reduce your consumption of fossil fuel, and this will also minimize the negative impact on the environment. It also helps that oil or gas prices going up won’t matter because of this alternate solution.

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