d.light T500R

Your security lantern



T500R is the first and most affordable PayGo portable in d.light. It comes with a torch that can beam up to one kilometre making it an essential for your security and outdoor use and a side light that makes it the perfect payGo portable for indoor use. With the T500R, you will stay informed all day by listening to it’s powerful radio, stay connected by having a fully charged mobile phone and stay entertained by inserting your USB stick or memory card & listening to your favorite playlist
  • Battery
    Up to 8 hours per full charge on highest setting and 16 hours on lowest setting
  • Solar Panel
    Separate solar panel included
  • Brightness
    18x brighter than kerosene
  • Bright torch function
    Torch beam reaches a distance of up to 1 kilometer
  • Ambient sidelight
    Sidelight setting spreads ambient light for indoor use
  • Charger
    Charges mobiles via USB port
  • Bluetooth function
    Can connect to bluetooth from any device
  • Radio
    Listen to your favorite radio station and favorite music from your TF card everywhere you go
  • PayGo
    Pay in easy installments

First PayGo Portable

T500R is d.light’s first PayGo portable making it easy on your pocket

Six in One Lantern

T500R lantern offers a variety of features at the most affordable PayGo plan. It comes with a torch, a side light, a radio, Bluetooth function, USB slot, TF card slot and mobile charging!

Customize your Light

The T500R has 5 brightness settings. The torch comes with 3 brightness settings and the side light comes with 2 brightness settings
In the Box

T500R In the Box

The d.light T500R includes:

T500R Specs

The d.light T500R is:
  • It offers 5 brightness settings ( 3 brightness settings on the torch and 2 brightness settings on the side light
  • You can connect your phone to play music through Bluetooth
  • Play music via MP3(memory card)
  • Play music via a USB stick
  • You can use the radio for up to 10 hours
  • Focused beam light for visibility up to 1 km
  • Mobile charger included

T500R Uses

The d.light T500R is perfect for:
  • Your security guard at home or at your business
  • Lighting up your entire home with the ambient light
  • Staying up-to date on important news or relaxing with music played either from your USB stick, memory card or phone through Bluetooth
  • Charging your mobile phone

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