d.light S200

Always stay connected,
night or day



Never pay for mobile charging or lighting again! The d.light S200 solar lantern is our most affordable mobile charging lantern with double the savings. The unique dome lens of the S200 spreads soft ambient lighting throughout the room, and its long-lasting battery allows charging of mobile phones via its USB port, ensuring you are never out of charge again.
  • Battery
    Up to 20 hours per full charge
  • Solar Panel
    Separate solar panel included
  • Brightness
    20x brighter than kerosene
  • Portability
    Adjustable stand or handle
  • Charger
    Charges mobiles via USB port

Free mobile charging

The S200 keeps your phones and other small USB-powered devices charged, day or night.

Soft ambient light

The S200 lantern offers a uniquely designed dome lens which causes wide, evenly distributed soft light in the room.

Customize your light

The S200 provides three different brightness settings, from "Low" to "High", to suit your need. Whether it is working at night or simply socializing, the S200 is a constant companion.
In the Box

S200 In the Box

The d.light S200 includes:

S200 Specs

The d.light S200 is:
  • Affordable light and mobile charging in one device
  • Wide ambient lighting
  • Battery charge indicator & glow-in-the-dark button
  • Three brightness settings (Low-Medium-High)
  • 60,000-hour life LED
  • Rugged high efficiency solar panel
  • Mobile charger included
  • Long lifetime
  • Maintenance-free
  • Country certifications for East & West Africa (SONCAP, PVoC)
  • This VeraSol certified product has been tested to IEC TS 62257-9-5 and certified to the quality standards in IEC TS 62257-9-8

S200 Uses

The d.light S200 solar lantern can be placed on a table, hung from the ceiling, and used outdoors. Its ambient light spreads a bright, even glow throughout a room, allowing for multiple tasks like studying or working to be completed simultaneously. The d.light S200 ensures that you are always connected wherever you are, thanks to its USB port that allows you to charge your mobile phone.

The d.light S200 is perfect for:
  • Charging your mobile devices and other small, USB-powered devices
  • Illuminating your home or an outdoor area—studying, cooking, sewing, harvesting, walking at night
  • Lighting a shop or store, allowing you to keep your business open longer and help customers see your products better

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