Customer Stories

d.light customers describe their experience

Mary, a middle aged lady from the Maasai community, is a wife and mother of five. She has relied on the d.light solar home system for over three years for light in her household. "Before switching to d.light, I used a kerosene lamp, and d.light rescued me from the harmful smoke and the high cost of purchasing kerosene."
She also owns a jikokoa stove, emphasizing its cost-saving benefits and absence of smoke. "I adore this jikokoa; it helps me save money and eliminates smoke. Previously, I would use a sack of charcoal in less than a month, but now it lasts me up to two months. I even managed to start up a hotel business from the savings d.light has changed my life!”
Mary Samuels
Kajiado, Kenya
Wambui, a married woman with four children, assumes the role of a housewife, caring for cows and goats. “I purchased the stove after being diagnosed with arthritis, a condition that restricted my leg movement until my friend told me about d.light stove and I immediately bought it since it was affordable. I can now cook inside my living room faster and it keeps me and my family warm especially during the cold season.”
Wambui's quality of life has been enhanced. All her children are attending school, and her health is showing significant improvement, “I can now save up to 1500 shillings a month, which I contribute towards my children's school fees or pocket money.”.
Wambui Wanjohi
Murang'a, Kenya
Evaline is a 25 year old lady, married with 2 children. She owns a d.light cookstove, and also has other d.light products like the solar home systems, television and a phone. “I have seen a lot of difference in fuel consumption with this stove, which has helped me save Ksh.2000 within 6 months. From the money saved, I bought chicken layers, and I do sell the eggs to get some money. All I can say is God bless d.light.”
“d.light has also benefited my family in so many ways by firstly providing lighting for my 3 rooms and 1 for the chicken house. Secondly, with the d.light television set, my babies can watch programmes everyday after school, and my husband can follow the 7pm news. Thirdly, I now own a smartphone through d.light's easy pay as you go service, offering me the opportunity to pay for the phone gradually. Continue with the good work d.light!."
Evaline Wanjiru
Central, Kenya
Provia is a 34 year old lady who confirms that she saves more and spends less with the d.light cookstove. “Ever since I bought the d.light stove I am happy because I have noticed a reduction in the amount of fuel I use and also the time I spend on cooking.” “When I was using the traditional jiko, my children would cough, get headaches and get dizzy because of the smoke, but since I started using the d.light stove, we no longer have these health problems. With the d.light stove I can now cook inside our home without worrying about my family getting sick.”
Provia Namanya
Biiti Kakigani, Uganda
John is a seasoned business man who is the sole provider for his family. "Using kerosene lamps was always a hassle, from buying fuel to dealing with the constant risk of fires, especially because I have young children. I was always worried about their safety. Since getting the d.light solar home system, those worries are a thing of the past. The light is bright, reliable, and best of all, completely safe. Thank you d.light !"
John Mwangi
Nairobi, Kenya
Jackson is a middle aged man who is happy with the d.light cookstove. "We used to get sick when using paraffin, having trouble breathing and coughing a lot, but ever since we switched to d.light solar, our health has improved, and we have saved money."
Jackson Kirarian
Nairobi, Kenya
Kevin is a business owner. "Ever since I switched to solar energy, my concerns about high kerosene costs have vanished. Now, my family, especially my school-going children, can enjoy uninterrupted lighting without worrying that I am spending a lot of money on kerosene
Kevin Oduor
Nairobi, Kenya