Loyalty Program

Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to the d.light Loyalty Program. By becoming a d.light customer, you will automatically be a part of this Loyalty Program and be understood to have agreed to, and be bound by these Terms & Conditions.


The Service:

The d.light Loyalty Program is an additional service only offered to d.light customers. The service will launch in Kenya on July 1st, 2024.
In this Loyalty Program, d.light customers will earn d.light points as they engage with the different activities from d.light: making regular payments on their loan; referring other customers to purchase d.light products; engaging with seasonal d.light promotions.

There is no fee for engaging with the d.light Loyalty Program; all customers will earn the d.light points and can redeem for their selected reward options for free.


Eligibility & Enrollment

All Active & Paid Off d.light Customers are eligible for the d.light Loyalty Program. Customers of the d.light Loyalty Program must be minimum 18 years old. They must have Legal Capacity.
Enrollment into the d.light Loyalty Program is automatic, without requiring the customer to sign-up or make any specific request themselves. Employees of d.light, contractors and their family members, who are also customers are eligible for the basic enrollment into the Loyalty Program, but may be excluded from any seasonal promotions or campaigns that reward spot prizes to engaging customers.


Earning d.light points

You can earn d.light points through several different ways:
i) d.light points per Token: For every token that you buy, you will earn either 1, 2 or 3 d.light points, depending to which Customer Tier you belong.

d.light points Earned for each Token by Customer Tier

Customer Tier d.light points per Token
Ultra 1
Mega 2
Jumbo 3

ii) d.light points for reaching particular Streak Milestones: As you reach longer, and longer streak milestones – a streak milestone is a period of consecutive days that you have not missed a payment – you will earn more and more d.light points. For each Customer Tier, we have different Power Powers rewards for the same streak milestones.

d.light points Earned for reaching Streak Milestones by Customer Tier

Streak Milestone Ultra Mega Jumbo
7 days 25 points 50 points 75 points
14 days 50 points 100 points 150 points
30 days 150 points 300 points 450 points
50 days 200 points 400 points 600 points
75 days 300 points 600 points 900 points
100 days 500 points 1000 points 1500 points
150 days 700 points 1400 points 2100 points
200 days 1000 points 2000 points 3000 points
275 days 1500 points 3000 points 4500 points
365 days 2000 points 4000 points 6000 points
500 days 2500 points 5000 points 7500 points
600 days 3000 points 6000 points 9000 points
730 days 3500 points 7000 points 10500 points

iii) d.light points for Referring other Customers: As you refer another customer to become a d.light customer, you can earn d.light points. In order to earn these d.light points, the customer will need to ensure two things happen:
a. The new Referee Customer must give the account ID of the Referring Customer to the Sales Agent during their registration.
b. The new Referee Customer must pay at least 27 tokens in their first 30 days as a d.light customer.

iv) d.light points for Paying Off their d.light product Early or Within the Contract Term:
a. If a customer pays off their d.light product before 50% of the contract term has elapsed, this is considered an Early Payoff and will earn d.light points for the customer.
b. If they pay off within their Contract Tenor, this is considered a Within Term Payoff and also earn d.light points for the Customer.

d.light points Earned for Early Payoff and Payoff Within Contract Tenor

# Early Payoff Reward Within Payoff Reward
Definition Any customer that pays off their d.light product before 50% of their contract tenor has elapsed earns this Early Payoff Reward. Any customer that pays off their d.light product later than 50% of their contract tenor, but before the contract end date, earns this Within Contract Payoff Reward.
Rewards 5% of the value of the Product returned as d.light points. 2% of the value of the Product returned as d.light points.

v) d.light points for engaging with seasonal d.light Campaigns / Offers / Surveys: d.light regularly runs seasonal campaigns or promotions. If customers engage with these campaigns, they can earn more additional d.light points. Additionally, from time-to-time, d.light runs consumer research surveys with its customers, and for agreeing to give their feedback customers can earn d.light points. All d.light points will reflect on the Customer’s Account within 24 hours following their transaction.


Redeeming d.light points

When you redeem your d.light points for a selected reward option, the appropriate number of d.light points will be deducted from your total and you will gain the selected reward.
d.light points can be redeemed in three different ways by Customers:

i) Redemptions through the Customer App: A customer can redeem their d.light points by selecting the reward option they want in the d.light Customer App. This will apply whatever discount, reward or prize the customer has selected to their account.

ii) Redemptions through USSD: A customer can redeem their d.light points via USSD by dialling *439#. This will similarly apply the selected reward option to their account.

iii) Redemptions through the Customer Care toll free line: Alongside the self-service options above (APP + USSD), a customer can also redeem their d.light points by calling the Customer Care Toll Free line and requesting the Customer Care Agent to assist them to redeem their d.light points for their selected reward option.

Our Toll Free Customer Care lines are:

Country Toll Free Number
KENYA 0800-721-110
UGANDA 0800-300-133
TANZANIA 0800-750-079
NIGERIA 0800-354-448

The d.light points within the d.light Loyalty Program can be redeemed for several different reward options.

i) Free Tokens. As an Active d.light Customer, you can redeem your d.light points to get a Free Token.
This will give you a token for the relevant number of days that you request, but will not reduce your Balance.

ii) Discount on New Products. Customers that are eligible for any upsell products can apply their d.light points for a discount on the new d.light Products they are looking to buy.

iii) Discount on Repair Costs. Any d.light customer, either Active (those who are currently paying off a d.light product) or Paid Off (those who have completed payments on a d.light product) can redeem their d.light points for any charge that accrues from any After Sales Service costs.

All reward options within the d.light Loyalty Program are subject to availability and may change from time to time, as other exciting reward options are made available to d.light customers.

Some combinations of reward options may not be available to particular customers due to ineligibility for Upsell Products.
e.g. a customer defaulting on an original d.light product, may not be eligible to get another d.light product on finance terms.


Terms of the Loyalty Program

i) No Reversals. As soon as a transaction has occurred within the d.light Loyalty Program (i.e. a customer has redeemed their d.light points for a particular reward option), then this cannot be reversed.

ii) Period of Activity. There is no expiration date for the d.light points of Active Customers. However, for Paid Off customers – those who have completed paying off a d.light product – their d.light points are only valid for a period of 12 months following their date of Pay Off. After this time they expire, and the customer’s account gets reset to 0.

iii) Claims & Disputes. If a Customer has a complaint about how the d.light Loyalty Program is structured or relating to earning or redemption of their d.light points, they must contact the Customer Care toll free line within 30 days of the issue.

iv) Right to Modify the Terms and Conditions. d.light retains the rights to adjust, amend, modify or withdraw any of these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes to the Terms and Conditions will be communicated both via our public communication channels as well as directly to customers.

v) Fraud Prevention. There is a zero tolerance policy for any fraud within the d.light Loyalty Program. If d.light has reasonable reasons to believe that a particular Customer, Agent or Employee is committing acts of fraud, they will be removed from the Program and any benefits that are due to them, or d.light points that they have in their account will be lost. If the customer has any reason to believe that there has been fraud happening either on their account or the account of any other customers, they can register the incident on our Whistleblower platform, or call our Customer Care toll free line.
Fraud may consist, but is not limited, to the following activities:
a. Creating multiple accounts with the aim to increase the number of d.light points gained from Referrals.
b. Claiming d.light points or discounts that exceed the amount that has been allocated to them.

vi) Gifting or Transferring d.light points. The ability to gift or transfer d.light points to other d.light customers is not possible at this time.



Personal Information means all and any personal identifiable information (PII) as prescribed in the Data Protection Act (2019). It includes name, address or location information, phone number, age, ID number. In order to provide each customer with a quality service delivery, d.light is required to collect Personal Information from each of its customers. While the provision of such personal information is voluntary, d.light is legally entitled to deny customers our services if they refuse to avail the company with such information. At d.light, we are committed to valuing & protecting the privacy of all our customers, which includes all the personal information that we collect.

Here is the d.light Data Privacy Statement, which gets updated regularly as best practices, laws and regulations are adjusted. All Active d.light customers give their consent to receive marketing content that relates to the introduction to, ongoing operations and engagement with the d.light Loyalty Program.


Indemnity & Limitation of Liability

All d.light customers that engage with d.light Loyalty Program agree to indemnify and hold the company harmless from and against all material claims, damages, costs and expenses arising from or related to the Loyalty Program.

There is no liability for any monetary damage, loss of earnings or other damage suffered by any customers arising from the misunderstanding, errors or mis-calculation of any of the d.light points totals that may occur within the d.light Loyalty Program.

All reward options that are available through the d.light Loyalty Program are provided as is and do not come with any warranty.


Governing Law & Jurisdiction

The Terms and Conditions set out within this document, shall be construed in accordance with the laws of Kenya. All copyrights and trademarks of the d.light brand are protected intellectual property of d.light and can not be used by any 3rd party individuals or organisations without the explicit consent of the company.