High Impact Carbon Projects

For a more sustainable, brighter future

Transforming one billion lives: Building a sustainable and more equitable future by democratizing access to clean energy
38 million
tons of CO₂ avoided
$5 billion
saved in energy-related expenses
171 million
lives empowered
27 billion
productive hours created
71 million
school-aged children reached with solar lighting
527 GWh
generated from a renewable energy source
d.light's Carbon projects for a greener and prosperous future

Our Impact on People and the Planet

Transforming lives, one home at a time. Here's what some of them say:
Our Carbon
Projects Have
Numerous Co-benefits
We address multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's) .

At the heart of our carbon projects lies the profound impact they have on the lives of the communities we are privileged to serve, aligning with multiple Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

We've embarked on a journey of change, and the stories we hear from our valued customers are a testament to the transformative power of our initiative. Every time we introduce one of our clean and efficient technologies into a household, we're not just replacing an old way of living; we're ushering in a new era of improved health, cleaner air, and brighter prospects.

The positive changes ripple through the lives of the individuals and families we touch, inspiring us to continue contributing to SDGs through our work.
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Interested in our high-quality carbon credits, reach us via carbon@dlight.com

Ensuring High-Impact, Quality Carbon Projects


1. Training for Area Managers and Sales Agents

We provide comprehensive training for the sales team.

2. Household Eligibility Assessment

Our distribution team assesses household eligibility, extending our reach to those who otherwise wouldn't access our products.

3. Know Your Customer (KYC) process

We implement a robust Know Your Customer process to verify the intended user of our products.

4. Secure Data Collection using Atlas

Our in-house Atlas app streamlines data collection, improving accuracy and efficiency.

5. Carbon Credit Awareness

We raise carbon credit awareness through clear and accessible communication strategies.

6. Aftersales Service

We prioritize customer satisfaction with dedicated support channels and service centers

7. Continuous Engagement

We maintain ongoing customer engagement to ensure product usage and provide support for any challenges encountered.

8. Robust Monitoring of our Project

We conduct rigorous monitoring activities, including surveys and assessments.

9. Weekly, Monthly and Annual Verification.

Our periodic verification checks ensure project quality and mitigate risks, supported by our field and call center teams.

10. Field Visit

Regular field visits provide valuable insights for improvement and quality assurance across projects.

11. Stakeholder Consultation

We actively engage stakeholders to ensure project acceptance.

Join us in making a difference

Our carbon projects are about changing lives.
It's about enabling access to affordable lighting and cooking technologies. We invite you to explore the stories of transformation, hear the voices of change, and join us in our mission to create a better, greener world for all.

Together, we are making a difference, one family, and one community at a time.
Our Projects

Want to know about our projects?

Our projects are certified by Gold Standard and Verra, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards:

1. Kenya - GS

2. Kenya - VERRA

3. Uganda - VERRA

4. Nigeria - VERRA

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