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Eco-Friendly Products to Reduce Environmental Impact

Eco-Friendly Products to Reduce Environmental Impact

Humans are destroying the planet – it’s widely evident on the degrading state of our environment. Our constant use of fossil fuels as a primary energy source as well as the out of control consumption of single-use plastic has contributed to pollution, climate change, and global warming. These actions had led to ever-growing landfills and littering waterways.

But it’s not yet late to take that bold step as there are many simple actions we can do to help save the environment. From spreading awareness to replacing simple items in our everyday lives with environmentally-friendly products, there are many opportunities where we can do our part as a citizen of the earth.

Eco-friendly products can significantly improve the environment by reducing waste, energy, and chemicals. These products won’t be harmful to the environment during production, use, or disposal since they are low in chemicals while high in natural ingredients.

As there are plenty of eco-friendly products in the market, you can start with these eco-friendly products that will help begin in reducing environmental impact.

Reusable Straws 

Most people may think plastic straws are a small detail compared to the bigger problems other pollutants cause. But little as they may, plastic straws have an enormous impact on the environment. In the United States alone, there had already been 500,000 straws that have been used and thrown every day.

As a single-use tool, plastic straws are always thrown away, sometimes with a takeaway paper cup attached. This makes them easy to blow into way into waterways, which are a massive contributor to the harm to the environment and marine life in it.

Fast-food restaurants and even entire cities have pledged to ban plastic straws, but even you have to make a personal commitment to refuse a straw when eating out. Either drink straight from the cup or invest in your own reusable straw as an alternative.

There are plenty of reusable straws that can be purchased in the market, such as bamboo, glass, metal, and silicone.


Disposable shopping bags are used everywhere. An average American goes through six shopping bags per week. Over 1.8 billion bags are used and discarded in America every week. This adds to the pile of single-use plastic bags discarded and end up with the millions in the landfill or the ocean.

More than 10% of plastic bags make up for the washed-up debris that pollutes the U.S. coastline, and it takes a thousand years to degrade.

Paper bags are not any better.  Paper bag production causes 14 million trees to be cut down yearly to supply the raw material needed. It also involves the use of chemicals and high temperatures that releases toxins into the atmosphere at nearly the same rate as it would for plastic bag production. A single paper bag takes 13% more energy to make two plastic bags.

A solution is getting reusable grocery bags, which are usually made out of jute, cotton, or canvas. All of which are clean, safe, and a great alternative to disposable shopping bags. They’re also stronger and wouldn’t break down even if the products are heavy-weight.  Since they’ll be used frequently, getting an eco-bag would not only last longer but also help you save some money in the long run.

Reusable Water Bottles 

Disposable water bottles are indeed convenient. They can be found almost anywhere from stores, supermarkets to gas stations where anyone can buy them whenever a person needs to. However, the cost of convenience comes at a high price.

Globally, humans buy a million plastic bottles per minute, and 91% of these water bottles are not recycled, but wind up in a landfill every year instead. Besides taking up space in landfills and pollute oceans, it takes an incredible amount of resources to produce.

Disposable water bottles aren’t just dangerous for the planet but for the individual as well.  A study by German researchers found nearly 25,000 chemicals in a single bottle of water. These chemicals can interfere with the body’s estrogen and androgen receptors.

While the occasional sip won’t be deadly for a healthy adult, small children women of child-bearing age and pregnant women are at higher risk of poor outcomes to these chemicals. Some of the effects include stunted growth, early puberty, premature birth, infertility, and early menopause.

Reusable water bottles made from stainless steel or glass are a healthier option since they don’t contain these chemicals. They’re also a more convenient and environmentally friendly option. As these bottles can be carried wherever you go and can be refilled when necessary, there wouldn’t need for it to be thrown away.

Solar Power Lanterns 

The use of flashlights varies dramatically depending upon profession and hobbies. Mechanics and home inspectors use flashlights every day as tools for work. Avid hikers and trekkers also use it for their hikes and travels. It also completes the kit for emergency preparations.

Flashlights use batteries that need to be changed every time it runs out of energy. Most people don’t realize the extent of the environmental impacts of single-use batteries. Since batteries are made up of a variety of chemicals, throwing batteries into landfills have ramifications, some of which are incredibly toxic can cause soil and water pollution.

Solar Powered Lanterns uses solar energy for power, so there’s no need to worry about the consequences of using and dumping batteries. It’s a versatile and eco-friendly tool that provides a great alternative to traditional battery-powered lights.

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