Published Oct 09, 2019by d.light

How to Setup Your Home with Indoor Solar Lights

Are you looking for a cheaper, sustainable lighting option for your home? Indoor solar lights are the answer. Specifically, solar home lighting systems.

Electricity, just behind gas, is one of the most significant living expenses in America. In the US, the average household electricity bill is $111.67 per month.

The good news is that solar lights aren’t exclusive to outdoors, and have the following benefits:

1. Indoor solar lights are green

Solar lights are “green”, meaning they are environmentally friendly, and a sustainable alternative to traditional lighting because they use absolutely no power from the grid.

Indoor solar lights are entirely powered by solar energy, a renewable energy option. Solar power charges the battery packs during the day so that they can be adequately powered at night, for up to 8 hours. The best part is that the batteries used are entirely recyclable.

2. Indoor solar lights don’t have to be maintained

Indoor lighting systems are virtually maintenance-free. This is all thanks to the use of LED fixtures becoming more popular with a 10+ year lifespan.

Maintenance on indoor solar lights consists of replacing the batteries every five years or so. So as you can imagine, solar lights are much less of a hassle than regular electrical lighting.

You can now get solar home systems that can run multiple appliances like a 32″ TV, fans, charge mobile phones, and several bright lights for hours after just a single day of charge.

3. Your energy bill will decrease drastically

When you equip your home with solar lights or solar power, you won’t have to worry about paying for energy. The initial fee of purchasing indoor solar lights or systems aren’t even that pricey and are less so when you consider the overall savings you will make in the long run.

Setting up indoor solar lights in your home is super easy with d.light. All of our products can be self-installed, and come with an instruction manual on how to do so – no need to hire a handyman!

The different types of indoor solar lights (solar home lighting systems) from d.light available globally:


The D180 solar home system is a capable solar grid for your home. It is fully supported by d.light’s Pay-as-you-go technology which allows you to pay in installments. This advanced, economical energy solution includes the following:

  • a solar panel
  • a mobile-charging battery pack
  • three solar lights
  • three light switches
  • a torch
  • an FM radio


The X500 is an affordable indoor solar lighting system that can power 12V appliances. These include the d.light 19″ TV, fan, USB-powered accessories, mobile phones and bright lights for up to eight hours after just one day of charging.


The X2000 is perfect for powering larger d.light appliances, including our new 32″ solar LED TV. It is very effective for the following uses:

  • lighting up your house with bright lights
  • watching television or listening to music with our solar-powered radio
  • charging several mobile phones and other small, USB-powered devices
  • using the portable torch indoors and outdoors

If you are looking to light up an area, whether it is inside your home or your camping area, why not try solar lighting? It will save you money, will positively impact the environment, and you will only need to maintain your indoor solar lights or outdoor camping lights once every five years.