Published Feb 25, 2019by d.light

Solar Powered Lanterns for Disaster Relief

Solar Powered Lanterns for Disaster Relief

People who live in areas prone to natural disasters such as blizzards, tornados, and hurricanes must keep an emergency preparedness kit nearby especially in communities where impending natural disasters does not give people enough time to prepare.

While food, water, and first aid kits are the first thought of items when assembling an emergency kit, it is also essential to have reliable lighting as times of crisis often means no electricity. A power outage or evacuation is dangerous and challenging without adequate lighting for your family.

Flashlights, LED and gas-powered lanterns are great solutions if only they did not run on unsustainable power. A good alternative is to have a solar powered lantern for these reasons:

Necessary Light at Night

Natural disasters can eliminate power utilities including lighting that people depend on every night.

Lighting is crucial in the wake of a natural disaster and depending on the circumstances; the ability to illuminate your environment is key to survival. Adequate lighting will cut down the stress from having to function in poorly lit areas.

Solar lighting such as the d.light S3 and A2 serves as a portable companion during outage emergencies. The small and versatile design of the A2 makes it ultra-portable that you will be able to utilize for lighting a pathway during a nighttime evacuation or finding objects like food or tools for survival.

Meanwhile, the adjustable, metal handle of S3 allows versatility for the solar light to hang or placed on stable settings to illuminate a dark area in a power outage.

Backup Power for Emergencies

Power outages can occur anywhere even in places with stable power systems. There is a real possibility for systems to fail during extreme weather or disasters like hurricanes and earthquakes. Every emergency prep kit should have a back-up light source such as a solar-powered lantern with a low possibility of fire or health hazard.

Solar lanterns are an ideal solution during disasters as the unit can provide light without the need for a reliable infrastructure. They can charge during the day and provide light at night. The concern with solar lights unable to charge if there isn’t direct sunlight is solved with the d.light S30 and S3 which contain highly efficient solar panels that allow them to charge even on cloudy days.

Additionally, there are solar powered lanterns capable of charging mobile phones. Technology plays a crucial role in keeping people informed before, during, and after a disaster. A 2013 world disasters report revealed that people’s ability to prepare for, survive, and recover from disasters is primarily impacted by access to information and technology.

Solar lanterns such as the d.light S100 and d.light S500 can ensure that you will be able to use your phone and stay updated during times of crisis. The bundled solar panel of the S100 allows for a safe and efficient method to quickly recharge mobile phones during the day while the S500 enables phones to charge while illuminating homes.

Safer Alternative

In many communities recovering from disaster, there is limited or no access to electricity, so kerosene lanterns, open flame candles, or battery-operated lights become familiar light sources.

However, these units are vulnerable to fire hazards and inhalation of toxic fumes. Gas-powered lanterns are potential to ignite flammable objects nearby if misused and produces carbon monoxide that can build up indoors.

In these contexts, communities who are already struggling will need safer alternative lighting such as a solar lantern.  Solar powered lanterns offer a safe alternative to toxic fumes and open flames that pose an even higher safety risk in temporary structures following a calamity.

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