Published Aug 23, 2016by d.light

Spotlight on Employee Girish Pal Singh

How one d.light employee impacted more than half a million people

Girish (left) with d.light customers
Getting our solar products to off-grid households around the world is no small task, and is only possible because of the immense dedication of talented d.light employees like Girish Pal Singh, a member of our India team.

A native of Hardoi, Uttar Pradesh, and graduate of Kanpur University, Girish worked for Unilever for about two years before joining d.light as a Rural Sales Promoter in 2010. He was particularly motivated to reach families in the rural interiors of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand states, and has traveled across nineteen districts in India to promote d.light products.

“d.light products really care for each member of the family,” Girish said. “If d.light reaches one house, it impacts that household in manifold ways.” He never tires of seeing customers’ faces when they see the kind of bright light they can have, even without access to the electrical grid.

Girish at work in a rural d.light kiosk

Girish’s own mother is a d.light customer. She uses the solar lanterns to milk her cows in the early morning and oversee her crops. Based on her experience, he explained, “Once there is light, people can feel safe and better. Light banishes the fear of animals and fear of other threats. Our products are really a source of security.”

In the last six years, Girish’s strong sales performance has been recognized with four promotions: to Channel activator, Channel Coordinator, Territory Executive and now Senior Territory Executive. Today Girish oversees sales in the entire state of Uttarakhand, which has a population of more than ten million people, as well as some districts in western Uttar Pradesh.

With support from his managers and colleagues in India, Girish has sold an astonishing 114,000 solar-powered lights during his tenure at d.light. His efforts have allowed more than half a million people to experience tangible improvements in their quality of life.

When asked how he has been so successful, Girish explained, “I approach my work with sincerity and take a lot of time with distributors and retailers. Relationship and engagement are the keys for sales.”

Girish teaches students about solar power
Building strong relationships has been one of the most valuable skills he has learned at d.light. “I have learned about the power of working in a team at d.light,” Girish said. “I can talk daily with our line managers and speak about our issues and strengths. I have learned how to motivate Channel Activators and how to get sales done in tough scenarios. I have learned how to be a good boss.

“There is a great support and alignment in d.light sales. We get to meet super-charged teams and people, and to live a great professional life.”

Girish’s personal life has benefitted as well. He credits his d.light job with helping his wife and two young daughters to feel more settled and content. The international business trips he has taken and the sales awards he has won have increased his personal confidence.

Despite the great social impact he has already had, Girish has his sights set on even higher goals. He wants d.light products to be available to every house without reliable electricity in the state of Uttarakhand and beyond. “In the future, I want to serve a larger territory. I want to go into new markets so that d.light is available to every house in India where there is no electricity.”

We are thrilled with Girish’s accomplishments and his desire to serve even more families. Please join us in congratulating him and the entire team in India for their invaluable contributions toward d.light’s mission!