Evaline Wanjiru

Evaline is a 25 year old married lady with 2 children.

“I have seen a lot of difference in fuel consumption, this stove helped me save Ksh.2000 within 6 months. The money saved i have bought chicken which also helps me since they lay eggs which i can sell and get some money. All i can say is God-bless d.light.”

She also has other d.light products which include solar home systems, television and a phone.

“d.light has also benefited my family in so many ways the first is providing lighting through its solar system for my 3 rooms and 1 for the chicken house, the second is the television which my babies love to watch everyday after school followed by my husband who loves to watch the 7pm news and third by offering me the opportunity to own a phone that I can pay for gradually. I want to tell d.light to continue the good work!.”