Published Jan 20, 2020by d.light

#DeleDetermination: when the desire to learn overcomes the challenges topping us from learning!



Imagine being so determined to learn that you risk your life studying under the light of a desolate roadside ATM late at night because your home does not have enough light for reading? While other children from similar off-grid communities could have told their teachers there was no light to do their homework, little Dele was so committed to learning, she was willing to put herself in harm’s way to excel in her studies. We were moved by the determination of this Hope Glory Academy pupil and decided to support her by donating solar lanterns to her and all her classmates. Our contribution is driven by the belief that no child should have to go through such hardship in their pursuit for knowledge. Education is a fundamental right and darkness should not come in the way! Punch newspapers covered the full story here