Published Nov 04, 2019by d.light

3 Solar Appliances Readily Available Today

Solar energy is obtained through the sun’s radiation. It is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. Our sun is a reliable energy source, and this energy source can be harnessed by setting up your home or office with solar energy.

So much so that just one hours’ worth of energy from the sun can meet the energy needs of humanity for a whole year – the catch? We can only harness 0.001 percent of that energy.

There were questions around the cost of solar power and whether it was sustainable in the past, but because the tools for harnessing solar energy have become increasingly available and affordable, the trend is gaining momentum.

So, before we get into the top three solar appliances readily available today, let’s look at some of the standout benefits of solar power.

It has a positive impact on the environment

As you would probably know by now, solar power is a 100% green source of energy. So, by using it, you will be reducing your carbon footprint. The only resource solar power needs to function is water. If you are looking for ways to have a positive impact on global warming, solar power doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses.

Whether you install solar panels on your roof, or simply start using solar appliances, you will be playing your part in trying to establish a sustainable future.

It costs much less

As we mentioned above, our sun is an unlimited source of energy. We could never even begin to utilize it all.

You will immediately start saving money once you begin using solar appliances. If you switch to solar power, you can choose between a grid-tied or an off-grid solar system. Grid-tied means you can rely on the power grid along with the rest of your town or city, whereas off-grid means you’re entirely independent.

Being off-grid means, you rely on batteries to store electricity generated by solar panels. It also means reduced electricity costs, easier installation and no power outages.

Solar energy can be used all day long

Arguably the best part – solar power is generated from daylight, not sunlight. So as long as we have night and day, you will have a sustainable source of energy. Even if it rains, or when it is a gloomy, cloudy day, power is still generated at the same output levels.

A day of energy production is a whole lot more than your household needs during the evening. So, no need to worry about running out.

At d.light solar, we believe that all people should be able to experience the quality of life that comes with access to stable and affordable clean energy products, no matter their financial situation or the location they live in. Through the solar appliances we’ve developed, we’re doing everything in our power to ensure everyone can.

Here are three solar appliances readily available today:

1. d.light SF40

The d.light SF40 is a rechargeable fan with a 2-speed setting. During summer, you can stay productive and sleep well by using the sun to power this appliance.

It is battery powered and will last up to eight hours when fully charged. It also comes with an LED light giving you hours of brightness, meaning you won’t need a separate powerpoint if you work or study at night.

Purchase the d.light SF40 online today.

2. d.light S500

In the modern age, having a fully charged cellphone is essential. The d.light S500 is a mobile device/solar=powered lantern combination. The angeled lens of the lantern ensures a fully lit room from a single light source.

This product is perfect for using in remote locations because it is robust and will give you up to one hundred hours of power per full charge.

Purchase the d.light S500 online today.

3. d.light X850

One of our most advanced products, the d.light X850 is a solar home system that powers multiple appliances, bright lights, accessories and mobile phones/laptops after just one day of charging.

The bundle is all you need and comes equipped with the following:

  • a super-bright tube light
  • fully customizable lamp brightness
  • linkable bulbs
  • ultra-efficient accessories and appliances such as a 19” HD TV, and an FM radio with MP3 playback
  • a rechargeable torch

Purchase the d.light X850 online today.

Climate change is developing rapidly, and the need to live off-grid more so. What are you waiting for? Start making a difference today.